Landscaping in the winter

The onset of winter sets new challenges for the landscaper, shorter working days, inclement weather and occasionally freezing temperatures that can cause work to cease altogether.
Ground conditions can get a bit sticky underfoot and this makes the hard work even harder. You go to work with size ten boots and in clay they grow in size weighing you down and trip you up.
We suffer from S.A.D (seasonally affected digging) gone are the dry times and the soil that once delightfully slipped off your spade blade now clings on like a terra limpet.
In the animal world it is well known that hibernators binge eat to prepare for winter to fatten themselves up. Landscapers, in the main, increase their calorie intake so as to fuel their high energy requirements and to keep warm on those cold winter days.
They adopt their winter apparel – the layers go on. Base layers, thick socks, and insulated boots, middle layers, fleecy over layers, hats, gloves, overalls and coats. That’s the day starting clothing. Within five minutes of starting work the landscaper strip tease begins – off with the coat, hat etc. Stop work it all goes back on again.
Thankfully the UK winter is usually a short one (2011 being an exception and not the rule). The winter solstice comes and goes and the onset of dusk slowly draws out every day. The sun gradually moving towards its summer vernal equinox and everyday in doing so cheering us as the onset of spring nears.