Moss – Your lawn’s nemesis

After a most disappointingly damp and dull summer in 2012 and a cold wet winter your lawn may be looking for a little help as it comes to life this spring.
The weather conditions over the last 6-8 months may have accelerated the incursion of moss into your lawn aided by numerous other factors. Now is your call to action to help your grass plants by combating the moss and therefore allowing the grass to flourish.

The “knee jerk” reaction may be to race to the local supplier, buy a Moss Killer, apply it and wait for the results.
But before you do and waste your money on a short term fix, how about dealing with the conditions that are conducive to moss invasion! After all – prevention is always better than cure.

Although this list is not exhaustive the main reasons for moss taking hold in lawns are;
1. Soil ph- certain mosses thrive in acidic conditions, whilst others prefer an alkaline ph.
2. Poor drainage – moss prefers to have wet feet!
3. Low nutrient status – your lawn has not been fed correctly, at the right time and is nutritionally challenged.
4. Compacted – frequent foot fall and the regular use of heavy machinery, the rolling action has reduced the number and size of soil air spaces. Your grasses roots can’t breathe and you are more likely to water logging.
5. Cutting you grass too low – scalping your lawn is a “no no”. Effectively you are chopping off the grass plants food production system (the leaf blade). Too short and it’s going to struggle for food – simple!

If you have addressed the environment the grass has to survive in you are well on the road to recovering the situation.
Now you can gently assist the grass plant with a little tonic. Sometimes we all need a little “pick me up” don’t we?

Iron sulphate applied at the correct rates and at the right times will perk the plant up (green it up) and will also help you in your battle against the moss.
This product can be found in Lawn sand (the sand being a carrier) and those coverall fertilisers found in garden centres. We at Hill’s Garden & Grounds Care, apply it in solution using a sprayer.

One note of caution before you go mad flinging or spraying this around, is that you should definitely ensure you do not get it on your prized and very expensive patio or paths as it will stain it. It is difficult or near impossible to remove the stains. So be very careful!

Tickle ( carefully folks) a dose of this on, followed in a few weeks by a spring fertiliser, and in no time you will see the shoots of recovery (grass) and the demise of the infiltrator (moss).

If you’d like to discuss a complete program of lawn care please call us on 01952 814111.
As always, there is not a one shot quick fix cure-all solution, – lawn husbandry requires full and consistent consideration over a period of time to maximise its health, look and productivity.