There’s Something Interesting At The Bottom Of Our Garden…

There’s something interesting at the bottom of our garden,
I noticed it when we moved in.
Just a glimpse in the melee of moving pots, pans and Tele
I must remember to look at it again.

That interesting thing in our garden
Has been put to the back of my mind
With a mortgage to pay and kids on the way
It’s now more difficult to find.

There’s now nothing interesting in our garden
The paths vanished and borders have too
One great morass of overgrown shrubs and grass
I really don’t know what to do.

Kids growing up and we’ve inherited a pup!
This wilderness has just to be tamed
New turf and a trim to create an outside gym
But how is this to be attained

I’ve called in the pro’s the Hill’s with the hoes,
The strimmers, secateurs and the know how
In a short space of time they’ve cleared, turfed, it’s all fine
And not a single bead of sweat on my brow

That interesting thing in our garden
You know – The one at the bottom by the shed
My glimpse was mistaken away they ‘ve be taken
A rusty barrow, bike and an old bed stead.